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Metallic Stickers

  • Brushed metallic options
  • Silver and Gold
  • Glossy Finish
  • Water-resistant, Tear-resistant
  • No setup or design fees
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Metallic Stickers

Digitally printed Metallic Vinyl Stickers are available in two metallic substrates: Brushed Silver and Brushed Gold.

Our Metallic Stickers are supplied in sheet format, not on a roll or individually cut.

Metallic Stickers (also referred to as metal stickers, silver stickers, gold stickers, brushed aluminum stickers, chrome stickers etc.) are a hard-wearing, water resistant vinyl stickers that gives a great first impression. We have 2 different metallic vinyls for you to choose from, giving you a wide range of options to get the perfect design for your stickers. To see an example of our vinyls, click on the 'Metallic Options' tab above.

Need vinyl stickers with a white matte background?
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Need vinyl stickers with a glossy background?
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All of our metallic stickers have the following benefits:

  • Full color, high resolution digital printing
  • Water resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • No setup or design fees


Minimum size: 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Maximum size:8.81 x 8.64 inches
Radius corners: Optional

Metallic Options (Vinyl)

We offer a wide choice of 2 different metallic vinyls. Vinyl is the name given to the sticker material that we print your design onto. Our range of vinyl options are described below:

Brushed Silver
- Metallic Silver with a brushed effect

Brushed Gold - Metallic Gold with a brushed effect

Technical Information

To get the technical datasheet for this product, please contact us here.

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 color (CMYK) process to print all logos, text and background colors onto the stickers. We can print onto Brushed Silver and Brushed Gold vinyl substrates. When printing your design onto vinyl's other than white, the white sections of your design will become clear, which will show through the metallic effect of the vinyl itself.

Pantone® Colors
If Pantone® colors are used in your design we will use the CMYK Pantone® matching system to print your stickers using CMYK inks. Please note: There are many Pantone® colors that cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colors. If you use a Pantone® color that cannot be matched it will be converted to the closest CMYK color available. If printing on a vinyl other than white, the color or effect of the vinyl may affect the final printed color.

Please Note
All email orders will be given a PDF proof before production. Orders placed on the website will be approved as part of the ordering process.

Product FAQs

How are the metallic stickers supplied?

All of our custom stickers are supplied in an easy-to-peel sheet format. The sheets are 9.01 inches wide by 8.84 inches tall with a printable area for the location of the stickers which is 8.81 inches x 8.64 inches. They are not available on a roll or individually cut.

What is the minimum and maximum size for a metallic sticker?

Minimum size: 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Maximum size: 8.81 x 8.64 inches
Radius corners: Optional

What shapes can I choose from?

Our metallic vinyl stickers are available in almost any shape you can think of. On our website you can choose from: Rectangle, Square, Circle, Stadium, Diamond and Oval. Once you have chosen your shape you will have full control of the width, height and corner radius (if applicable) to tailor it to your requirements.

If you would like to specify a custom shape or have the sticker contour-cut around the edge of your design or logo, please contact us, attach your logo and explain your requirements. Our graphic designers will be happy to put together a design for you to approve.

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